两党合作的美国.S. Commission on Combating Synthetic Opioid Trafficking recently issued a set of groundbreaking 建议 that give Colorado a clear roadmap for attacking fentanyl overdose crisis and saving lives:

  1. 立即减少过量死亡
  2. 永久减少需求
  3. 中断主要跨国犯罪组织的供应

Any 证据-based policy that furthers these goals is worthy of consideration in Colorado’s action plan. 任何政策都不会, 在最好的情况下, 是一个无效和软弱的回应,将转移关键的资源. 在最坏的情况下,它可能会使危机更加严重. 在科罗拉多州, 很明显,我们基本上是在正确的轨道上, 但我们需要更加专注于几个关键领域.


立即减少过量死亡: Fully addressing the synthetic opioid crisis will require long-term efforts over years, 但我们现在就可以做一些事情来拯救生命:

Narcan and fentanyl testing strips can dramatically reduce overdose deaths. Colorado is already on the leading edge of these efforts and should stay focused on ensuring the full implementation of existing programs.

芬太尼危机在每个社区看起来都不一样. We can save lives by giving local leaders on the frontlines the flexibility they need to access every possible tool to combat the criss. 这包括通过立法,如 HB23-1202 这将最终为当地社区的试点扫清道路 行之有效的策略 比如药物过量预防中心.

证据 是明确的. 好撒玛利亚人法拯救生命. 法律就像 HB23-1167 will allow people to call for help when someone is experiencing an overdose without fear of being prosecuted.



永久减少需求: 的 Commission found “real progress can come only by pairing illicit synthetic opioid supply disruption with decreasing the domestic U.S. 对这些药物的需求,,并强调预防, 治疗, 以及实现这一目标的恢复策略:

     ✅ 防止合成阿片类药物的使用
有效的预防战略包括公众教育运动, 改善获得精神卫生保健和服务的机会, 处方回购计划, training public health officials to interrupt pathways to substance use disorder, medically-assisted治疗, 以及增加获得阿片类药物替代品的机会. 科罗拉多州正在实施许多这样的策略, 包括家庭药物回收计划, 并应继续保持和扩大这些努力.
     ✅ 高质量的治疗方案 
扩大循证治疗的可及性, 包括医疗辅助治疗, 是永久减少需求的重要组成部分吗. Advances are being made in Colorado because of recent policy and funding efforts utilizing dollars from the American Rescue Plan Act, 来自州阿片类药物应对拨款的联邦资金, 以及最近的阿片类药物结算基金. Maintaining and expanding these efforts will successfully reduce demand and increase community safety.
         ✅ 恢复和重返大气层支持
Saving lives and permanently reducing demand requires long-term support for sustained recovery, 包括劳动力再就业, 获得住房, 减少吸毒和康复的耻辱. As Colorado engages a robust legislative agenda regarding housing access this session, policymakers should not lose sight of removing all barriers to entry to housing for people in recovery. 此外, investments should be considered for ongoing funding of Colorado's Individual Placement Support Program, 什么将康复中的人与雇主和就业支持联系起来, 以及资助同伴康复支持服务.



Disrupt supply of unsafe synthetic opioids from transnational criminal organizations. 正如委员会所说, “[t]he supply of illicit fentanyl cannot be permanently stopped through enforcement alone—only temporarily disrupted before another cartel, 交易方法, 或者模拟物填补了成瘾所创造的市场.“值得注意的是, the Commission was clear that only a focus on major Transnational Criminal Organizations would make any dent in the supply of unsafe synthetics. 它没有建议任何新的或增加刑事处罚. It did provide specific 建议 on how local law enforcement and prosecutors can best contribute to efforts that will actually have a measurable supply-side impact:

关键战略必须在联邦一级执行, 并包括加强对邮件和边境检查的监控, 限制前体化学品的国际合作, working with the private sector to reduce the distribution of opioids and precursor chemicals via the internet, and countering transnational criminal organizations’ money-laundering operations.
的 建议 note that local law enforcement is “uniquely placed” to aid federal investigations of Transnational Criminal Organizations manufacturing unsafe synthetic opioids. Local law enforcement can also provide essential investigatory assistance that would disrupt the distribution of synthetic opioids and precursor chemicals on the darknet. Colorado law enforcement should provide far more information to policymakers about how they are prioritizing their available resources and personnel to aid these federal efforts.
的 Commission recommended local law enforcement must play an essential role in quickly mapping nonfatal and fatal overdoses to identify “retail dealers that transact in the most-dangerous combinations of drugs” so the community can be warned about the circulation of unsafe and deadly synthetics–before additional deaths occur. 有 严重差距的证据 科罗拉多执法部门对芬太尼致死案的调查.当地执法机构可以立即解决这一问题, 这样做不需要新的法律或额外的资源.



在科罗拉多州, there are policies currently under consideration that would not reduce overdoses, 中断供应, 或者减少需求, 并且应该被拒绝,以支持上述基于证据的替代方案:

法律就像 SB23-109 长期存在于联邦法律之下 二十个国家. 有 a long track record of their inefficacy and unintended consequences. 这些法律无助于执法部门中断供应, 会增加过量用药的风险吗, deplete limited prosecutorial resources that would be better spent elsewhere, 诱骗通常只是死者朋友或家人的人, 并对有色人种产生不成比例的影响. 的se laws have proven to be so ineffective and distracting that a national association of elected district attorneys has recommended 检察官停止使用. 无论如何, Colorado can pursue prosecutions under existing federal law in the very rare circumstances in which they would ever possibly be justified.
的 criminalization and prosecution of people who use or possess drugs has long proven to be counterproductive to reducing overdoses and to have no impact on supply or demand. Any laws that would impose harsher criminal penalties on people for drug use or possession would make outcomes far worse. Policymakers should reject proposals to increase criminal penalties or to fund more prosecution. 的y should also carefully analyze the impacts of last year’s legislation increasing criminal penalties for fentanyl possession and consider whether that policy should be repealed.